PROJECT: Inventors and inventions


Students have prepared some presentations for their oral tests in second term. The topic was : 
” Choose a British or American invention and show it to your mates. 
Research about the history of the invention “.
Presentations have been really interesting and we’ve learnt a lot about some inventions. The list of the inventions is the following :
  1. 3D Printer by Chuck Hull.
  2. Taser by Jack Cover.
  3. Coca-cola by John Pemberton.
  4. Typewriter by Christopher Soles.
  5. Sunglasses by James Ayscough.
  6. Phone by Alexander Graham Bell.
  7. Steam Machine James Watt.
  8. Liquid paper by Bette Nesmith Graham.
  9. Escalator by Jesse Reno.
  10. Microscope by Zacharias Janssen.
  11. Telegraph by Samuel Morse.
  12. Thermo by James Dewar.
  13. Bulb by Thomas Edison.
  14. Lace making machine by Ezekiah Augur.
  15. Microwave by Percy Spencer.
  16. Computer by John Atanasoff.
  17. Steam powered engine by Thomas Savery.
  18. Artificial dying by William Henry Perkins.
  19. Morse Code by Samuel Morse.
  20. Led by Nick Holoyak.
  21. Radio by Marconi.
  22. Disc Brakes by Frederick Lanchester.
  23. Fridge by Jacob Perkins.
  24. Hand gun by Samuel Colt.
  25. Anesthesia by Humphry Davy.
  26. Post-it by Arthur Fry.
  27. Phonograph by Thomas Edison.
  28. Tattoo machine by Samuel O’ Beilly.
  29. GPS by Roger L. Easton.
  30. Hair straightener by Jennifer Bellscholfield.
  31. Hand grenade.
  32. Chocolate bars by Joseph Fry.
  33. Telescopic Reflector by Isaac Newton.
  34. Swivel chair by Thomas Jefferson.
  35. Sewing machine by Thomas Saint.
  36. Toothbrush by William Adis.
  37. Steam ship by Robert Fulton.
  38. Guitar strings by Ernie Bell.
  39. Fire Extinguisher by William George Mamby.
  40. Penicillim by Alexander Fleming.
  41. Internet by Tim Berners-Lee.
  42. Enigma machine by Alan Turing.
  43. Artificial Heart by Paul Winchell.
Some of these students are going to do their presentations for students of first/second year ESO. We think it’s a different way to learn about inventions and practise English language.