SHORT OF THE WEEK: Harvie Krumpet


Here you have an interesting short video presented by Cristina Mikels and Ainoa Mayolín 1ºBTO B


The story focuses on the life of Milos Harvek Krumpetzki, born in Poland in 1922.

At the beginning of the Second World War comes to Spotswood in Australia as a refugee, and changes his name to "Harvie Krumpet".


Despite living a life marked by bad luck life. Harvie remains optimistic, always living the eccentric life, marrying a nurse who knows in a hospital and raising an adopted daughter, who was born without arms because her mother took Thalidomide.

Activity 1: Answer these questions before watching the video
  1. Read the title. What can you imagine this short would be about? 
  2. Do you think that this video is based on real events? Why?
  3. what do you know about Harvier Krumpet?
Activity 2: Now watch the video

ORIGINAL TITLE: Harvie Krumpet
GENRE: Drama
COUNTRY: Australia
YEAR: 2003
DIRECTOR: Adam Elliot
SCRIPT: Adam Elliot
NARRATOR: Geoffrey Rush
PRODUCER: Melanie Coombs
ASSEMBLY: Bill Murphy

Activity 3: Finally answer these questions after watching the video

1. why did he suffer bullying at school?
2.why did he succor to Austria?
3.why did the parents die here?
4. why did he change his name?
5. what do you think of the protagonist’s life?