SHORT OF THE WEEK: Brain Divided

Here you have a video presented by Elena Cadena, 1ºBTO A.

This short is directed by three men, Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song Soong and Joon Soo, three graduate in art and drawing which share the same hobby, animation.

Activity 1: Answer these questions before watching the video
This short is entitled Brain Divided, what do you think is the short about?

Activity 2: Now watch the video

  1. what's the boy's name? 0,47''
  2. And the girl'S name? 1,00'
  3. WHAT DOES He remove her? 1,24')
  4. How is she? 1,35')
  5. Where is she from? 2,00')
  7. WHAT gives the cheese TO john? 2,10')
  8. Who kneels on the table when john short dinner? 2,20')
  9. De que tiene las manos John? 3,10´ ( That John hands are? 3,10')
  10. What is Jon trying to dowhile they are dancing? 3,17')
  11.  What is the answer of scarlet? 3,25') 
  12. What does Scarlet say when you leave the bar? 3.25''
  13. WHAT SWITCHES inside the brain of john? 3,30' 
  14. En que momento va acorde a la situación el cerebro de john? 4,10´  (At what point will the situation GO  according to john's brain? 4,10'
  15. What DOES he offer TO scarlet? 4,15')
  16. WHAT happens AT THE END? 4,35')
  17. What happens inside the brain of scarlet? 4,40'
  18.   WHAT DOES Scarlet propose? 4,50'
Activity 3: Finally, answer these questions after watching the video
  1. Did you like it?
  2. About this video there is a great conflict because last year, a movie called upside, which was based on the feelings of a preteen girl ,was released, HAVE you WATCHED IT? What is your opinion?
  3. What do you think about the story?
  4.  Do you think that is correct THE  roles assigned to the feelings of men and women or do you think that THEY ARE NOT only based on those?